Julie Lewis – HR Director

I worked with Advita whilst performing the role of the Interim HRD at Manchester Airport.

I would highly recommend Advita as a strong communications professional. During the time that we worked together Advita providing exceptional support to the business areas I supported and executed some incredible work within Employee Engagement and Organisational Change. She developed a trust base relationship not only with employees, managers but also trade union officials.

On a number of occasions was personally requested to work on communication change plans outside of her functional area due to the results she delivered and the creativity she brought. The most significant engagement programme she executed during my time was the rollout of the new ERP system across MAG. Advita stepped into the ERP Programme at very short notice and played a pivotal role in driving the communication engagement execution of one of the key roll-out phases of the programme.

I really enjoyed working with Advita, she has challenged my thinking as well as been open to her own personal learning and development, which is an excellent quality to hold. Advita has an great sense of humor and works very well within teams.

I would be very happy to talk to anyone who wishes to employ Advita and talk further of my experience in working with her.