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IMG_0243CommsRebel supports businesses and people be at their best by revolutionising the way they communicate across the organisation.

In this current ‘information rich’ climate, businesses are often competing against a lot of noise and their messages can often go unnoticed. This means colleagues often struggle to understand the part they play in the success of the organisation.

CommsRebel specialises in a range of communication strategies for engaging and motivating remote workers who don’t have traditional desk based roles. We work closely with organisations to find the right solution that works for them and ensure they have the right tools in place to make an impact within their business in terms of engagement and performance.

With more than 14 years’ experience in communications, CommsRebel Director and founder Advita Patel has always worked with organisations with remote and agile workers. She’s worked across education, healthcare, transport and energy sectors. Her experience ranges from supporting organisations to deliver robust engagement strategies to heading up the communications on transformation and change programmes.

With her pragmatic and solution focused approach there are rarely any problems she can’t solve. As well as an experienced communicator, Advita is also a trained coach and also works with communicators who are looking for additional support in their career.

Advita was named in the Northern Power Women Future List, is a Fellow for CIPR UK, a Chartered PR Practitioner and the Chair of CIPR Inside the Internal Communications committee for CIPR UK. She also has a Masters in Strategic Marketing and a Diploma in Internal Communications.

If you’re looking for some support or just want a chat then you can drop a note to advita@commsrebel.com or you can find her via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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